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Wedding season is right around the corner, its time to go crazy shopping for the bridal trousseau. Indian marriages are grand opulent affairs with two families coming closer to forge bonds that will last a life time.

While a wedding involves a lot of planning to arrange for various elements like catering, decoration, flower arrangement, sending out invitation to the guests, buying gift for groom’s family and hundred and one details that must be absolutely perfect for the wedding to go off without a hitch.

Among the various responsibilities perhaps the most fun is in shopping for the bridal trousseau which includes finding the perfect bridal attire, jewellery, shoes and other accessories.

Typically shopping for the bride starts months before the actual wedding. Invariable jewellery store is the first destination for would be bride and her family.

  • Indian bridal jewellery trends keep changing year to year with changes in tastes and sensibilities of the brides themselves.  Trends in jewellery also differ according to region as the preferences of a North Indian bride would be absolutely different from that of a South Indian Bride.
  • In North India especially in Delhi the trend is towards experimentation with different styles to come up with something exclusive and unique. North Indian brides want jewellery that no one has ever worn before, they want something eye catching and bold capable of turning heads.
  • In the south, fine gold bridal jewellery have always been an eternal favourite in wedding season. This year though bulky ostentatious gold jewellery is out with brides going in for light weight diamond studded gold ornaments which are more sleek and elegant than gaudy.
  • While previously south Indian brides have been known to prefer heavier gold ornaments weighing at least 150 to 300 grams, this year average weight of bridal jewellery preferred by brides to be have gone down as far as 50-60 grams. Fiery red rubies, white crystalline diamonds, green emeralds and a touch of purple are ruling the bridal jewellery markets down south.

In east India, women are partial towards big uncut and full cut diamond and platinum jewellery rather than yellow gold this year, stated one prominent Kolkata bridal jeweler.  Light weight contemporary jewellery, a mix of ethic styles and western elegance, affordable and easy to wear is drawing the attention of brides in eastern India. Filigree and wirework finds favour in east India where simple geometric shapes like hexagons, triangles, rounds and octagons are very popular. When it comes to Indian bridal jewellery trends Mumbai is the trendsetter with heavy emphasis on experimentation and appreciation for new concepts. Mumbai brides are however also very conscious about quality of gemstones and metals since they want to be absolutely sure on both quality and look of the jewellery being purchased.

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