Indian Jewellery Design Trends: Popularity of Terracotta Ornaments of Bengal

Traditional clay ornaments originating from the heartland of tribal Bengal, terracotta jewellery has come a long way to make its place in the fashion industry. Humble red clay used to mould earthen pots and pans, today has won tremendous popularity as a medium for fashioning trendy and chic jewellery for women of all ages. Terracotta jewellery is simple and rustic in design as well as easy on the pocket making it the choice of many women for daily wear. It is both an environment friendly and pocket friendly option.

Diversification: Crude uneven texture only enhances the attractiveness of red terracotta ornaments that according to many add the right ethnic touch that many a Bengali woman craves. Being handcrafted by professional artisans it is also exclusive in nature. While traditional gold jewellery remains the choice of most Bengali women for weddings and other such occasions, for daily wear the current trend is towards light, trendy, exquisitely crafted yet inexpensive options like terracotta, jute, dokra or typical bronze ornaments originally worn by tribal women. tribal jewellery of Bengal especially terracotta ornaments that have floral, animal and other traditional motifs carved in them have earned a firm urban footing with more and more urban women finding them fashionable options.

Truth About Terracotta: Traditional terracotta jewellery designs included motifs of flora and fauna along with figures of tribal gods and goddesses. In the present day scenario, terracotta necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings may be found in wider array of designs including abstract themes and geometric patterns. Hand moulded hard baked reddish brown terracotta ornaments are in fact favourite adornment of more sophisticated intellectual Bengali women who appreciate the rustic simplicity and beauty. 

Shantiniketan, home of Bishva Bharati University, is the center for terracotta ornaments where artisans are known for their beautifully designed hairpins, pendants, necklaces, bangles and danglers that have become the style statement of urban independent and intellectual woman of Bengal. Bengal is also famous for tribal jewellery fashioned from cane, jute as well as dried and coloured seeds of plants. Gold, silver ornaments studded with precious gems will remain eternal favourites but tribal jewellery too has carved out a niche for itself in the consciousness of fashion conscious Bengali women and is here to stay.  However, if you want to know more about traditional gold bridal jewellery of Bengal then read the article at

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