Western Style vs. Indian Traditional Jewellery – Choice of Modern Indian Bride

Warm yellow gold, cold sparkling diamonds, green emeralds, soft fire of rubies or shine of sterling silver –  jewellery and women have a special bond that never wanes irrespective of what age, class or community one may belong to. Indian weddings in particular are joyous occasions when shopping for jewellery seems to reach obsessive height among the brides family. Marriage in Indian culture is not simply a union of two individuals but also a union of two families. It is also the best excuse available to go crazy shopping where a jewelry store is inevitably the first place they would visit. Indian brides have been known to be partial towards fine gold jewellery which is favoured due to its beauty, durability as well as value as an investment asset. The tradition of wrapping the bride with gold jewellery from head to toe comes from earlier times when the jewellery gifted to the bride was a part of her personal wealth or stridhan. The bride is gifted expensive gold jewellery to ensure that her future is financially secure at all times. Today of course gifting the bride expensive heavy jewellery is also a way to flaunt the social status, wealth and power of the bride’s family.

Mix and Match in Style: In recent times, the trend among Indian brides has been to opt for trendy, western influenced light weight jewellery as part of the wedding trousseau.  Traditionally, Indian craft of jewellery making has always been partial to ostentatious opulent designs with precious gemstone setting and intricate engravings. Western styles in jewellery is however far subdued and subtle with more emphasis on simplicity and elegance that loud display of wealth or craftsmanship.  While the west emphasizes the design element Indian jewellery craft puts stress on intricate engraving and motifs. One highlights simplicity the other favours more complicated or intricate work. Modern educated working women find themselves confused regarding which to privilege – simplicity or mastery of craftsmanship, opulence or elegance, when it comes to buying jewellery for the wedding.

Deal of the Day: The modern bride would prefer more usable uncomplicated lighter jewellery that she can wear at different occasions rather than heavy extravagant ornaments that will remain languishing in the bank after the wedding day. What is the point in purchasing jewellery that cannot be worn in everyday life

Women today would rather buy jewellery that has both value as stylish accessory that can be worn in various occasions and as investment asset. Hence, it was seen that for the last few years it was the western contemporary simple styles that have succeeded in gaining favour among the modern Indian bride.

This season though brides seem to prefer a healthier mix of Indian traditional styles with contemporary western influences rather than favouring one over the other.

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